Richard Mitchelson
Founder and Managing Director

Richard Mitchelson has over fourteen years experience in the commercial security sector, operating in remote and hostile environments. He has managed multi-faceted security programmes for diverse sectors ranging from projects in oil and gas exploration to United Nations field missions. He has provided support for news media teams in conflict zones as well as conducted due diligence and quality assurance on existing security programmes. Before joining the private sector, he served in the New Zealand Army. He has served regions within in Africa, the Middle East, Central and East Asia. Before his career in the security sector, Richard was an automotive engineer, building special purpose vehicles.


Henry Ang
Finance Director, Rocam International
Managing Director, Link-8 Security Pte Ltd 

Henry Ang has over 9 years experience with the Ministry of Home Affairs and 5 years of commercial security professional experience within Multi National Companies. He was the Assistant Director of Security for the Singapore Grand Prix (SGP) Pte Ltd from 2010 to 2011 and served as a consultant in 2012. During his time with SGP Pte Ltd, his service was officially acknowledged by the Singapore Government and Formula One management. Henry is a very hands-on person and manages security manpower very well. Being with the regulatory body previously, he understands very well the culture and behaviour of the private security industry. Henry has been a key officer bearer with ASIS International Singapore Chapter, a non profit organisation with an aim to promote excellence and recognition in the security industry. Henry holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance (Honours) from University of London.