Hotel and Resort Security

The key to effective hotel safety and security is to ensure the protection of the guests, property and staff without encroaching on the guests’ experience. We call this “active security”. 

Over the last 10 years, ROCAM’s management has successfully implemented groundbreaking solutions while providing ongoing support and training to the staff of more than a dozen leading hotels around the world.

Regardless of whether a client is based in Baghdad or Bhutan, ROCAM’s aim is to provide creative and cost-effective solutions without encroaching on a hotel’s core business of hospitality. Our sensitivity to the needs of our clients is a fundamental principal of ROCAM’S approach.

To achieve this fine balance, we educate hotel employees to understand their own security needs. ROCAM trains hotel staff to recognise risks and manage crises, serving to improve security awareness and confidence so that each and every member of staff is empowered to play an active role.

When necessary, ROCAM will second an experienced security manager to your team to ensure training and implementation is successfully followed through. Backed by our robust company support systems, your security needs will be well taken care of so you can focus on the most important business of ensuring guests have a memorable stay.


  • Assess threats and risks
  • Conduct security surveys to produce, plan and implement Security, Fire and Crisis Management measures
  • Produce, review and revise security management manuals and procedures
  • Train staff in Security Awareness, Medical Response, Fire Safety And Crisis Management
  • Plan and advise on infrastructural security enhancements
  • Liaise with and monitor suppliers to ensure cost effectiveness and quality control
  • Provide a 24-hour advisory function