With the growth of 24-hour news, ROCAM International has developed and implemented Best in Class methods for ensuring the safety of news crews in hostile and unfamiliar environments. Our role is to ensure that each organisation’s assets are able to operate with a high degree of independence while maintaining their safety and security in highly unpredictable conditions. Our existing clients are globally respected news organisations operating in environments where situations are often life-threatening. 

Prior to deployment, our specialist team with our partner AKE  trains the news crew in emergency medical techniques and life-saving trauma management as well as providing detailed instruction on working with military units.  

Pre-Deployment Training
  • Employing local drivers and contacts 
  • Recognising hazardous munitions 
  • Responding to riots and crowd violence 
  • Planning journeys in remote areas 
  • Communications 
  • Navigation 
  • Creating support and response plans