Your guard force is your first and most visible line for security. Link-8 is a ROCAM International company, established in 2010, with a mission to provide quality guard force manpower, private investigation, technical security system design and installation services (CCTV, access control and alarm warning systems).

Link-8 serves several Blue Chip companies in Singapore and has built a reputation that is second to none for excellence in guard services.  We can add value by safeguarding the integrity of your organisation with cost-effective security solutions.



We provide a focused range of services tailored to meet commercial and private security needs.

Security Officers
Asset protection and maintenance of business integrity is critical to any organisation. Protection of company assets including personnel and intellectual property is an ever changing and dynamic challenge. We provide registered security officers to protect the integrity of our clients companies. 

Security Concierge
For clients who wish to outsource the management of front desk operations, we provide personnel who are trained to meet a more customer-facing requirement. Our security concierge personnel are handpicked from our own guard force team and provided with additional training in interpersonal communications and personal presentation. Our staff are equipped to provide effective customer service, including interpersonal communication, conflict resolution and the key skills to provide a pleasant service experience from day one.

Business Security Solutions
We design, build and operate security systems that integrate effective deployment of manpower with technology-based systems to deliver cost-effective solutions.