A Global K9 Service Provider

In today's world of evolving security threats, trained dogs continue to prove their importance in security counter-measures.

While dogs fulfil a 'Deter, Detect and Response' function, they also act as a force multiplier. Dogs, like any security asset, need to be fit for purpose. They must be well selected, well trained, well managed and professionally handled.

In addition, we can provide a full range of services that incorporate kenneling, nutrition, healthcare, insurance and training for the dogs as well as their handlers.

Our staff will assess and address the threat and suggest a K9 solution that will be an effective measure, both in terms of physical security and also in cost-saving. The result will be a healthy, handpicked & highly trained dog or dog team(s) that can be deployed anywhere in the world, which will prove to be an active and highly effective security counter-measure for the protection of your people and/or your assets.


  • K9 Team assessment & deployment
  • Training existing teams
  • End-to-end care with kenneling, nutrition, healthcare, dog and trainer handling
  • Contraband Detection
  • EOD 
  • Tracking
  • Security (Patrol)
  • K9 Medical
  • Tactical Applications