Training & Staff Development

Employers have a duty of care towards their personnel to equip them with the appropriate knowledge and skills to face the threats that they might predictably encounter.
ROCAM International offers a comprehensive range of specialist training packages in emergency medical response and safety & security awareness, for government, commercial and private clients. 
ROCAM favours a practical, hands-on approach to education and training. With realistic scenarios, our courses are designed to empower individuals to make their own decisions. Our instructors bring their extensive field experience to the classroom to ensure that all courses are grounded in practice. 
We offer a wide variety of modular courses that can be completed in progressive stages. We conduct a needs analysis to determine your specific training requirements and provide you with a customised course tailored to your exacting needs
We also offer a web portal based Education Management System. This tool allows you to track your employees training and ensure compliance with industry standards. Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, this is a powerful tool for tracking your company’s education and training commitments. 
Our training facilities are located in South East Asia, Australia and in the United Kingdom, although we can also deliver our courses at your chosen location worldwide.
We currently deliver training courses in Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand, Bhutan, and the Caribbean.
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  • Trauma & Emergency Medical Care
  • Fire Safety
  • Contingency Planning and Management
  • Crisis Management Training and Exercises
  • Driver training, on and off road