ROCAM offers specialist driver training for off-road vehicles, armour retrofitted vehicles and for protective security operations. 

Off-road driver training covers vehicle maintenance checks, basic field repair, vehicle recovery, safe off-road operation and all aspects of drivetrain function specific to the various types of all-wheel drive systems. 

The dynamic stability and handling of SUV's, goods carrying and emergency services vehicles, and luxury sedans that have been retrofitted with armoured protection, vary greatly from standard factory vehicles. Although the appearance of such vehicles may be similar to a standard production model, the weight gain after armouring is often double that of the base vehicle. Braking, steering and rollover limits are subsequently affected. ROCAM teaches drivers how to become effective operators of these specialist vehicles, resulting in; increased safety, lower operating costs, establishment of safer driving limits and better utilisation of the vehicle as an effective security asset.

Close Personal Protection (CPP) teams can be trained in defensive and evasive vehicle drills as part of a CPP course, or as a standalone component of CPP training. The course is tailored to client requirements and inclusive of the area of operations. CPP driver skills also teach counter-ambush techniques and various other maneuvers and tactics for vehicle related close protection operations.


  • Off-road Driving 
  • Defensive Techniques 
  • Evasive Vehicle Drills 
  • Counter-ambush Maneuvers