ROCAM currently provides a very comprehensive offering of industrial fire safety training and firefighting courses, and has continually expanded our curricula to keep pace with the rapidly advancing field of firefighting. These courses are often custom built to meet the exacting needs of our clients and range from basic firefighting skills to full scale industrial firefighting and Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) training.

We utilize a practice-based, “hands-on” learning model which offers our students live firefighting training that best resembles the unique hazards faced in their particular facility and helps stimulate their professional development.   

In addition to conventional structural firefighting skills, ROCAM also offers training in fire protection, fire prevention, emergency resource management, fire crew management and confined space and high-angle rescue techniques.

Annually, ROCAM trains hundreds of students in industrial emergency response throughout the world. We pride ourselves on training your employees to be uniquely qualified to carry out their mission through the skillful combination of educational theory and practical application.


  • Basic Firefighting
  • Industrial Firefighting
  • Rapid Intervention Team training
  • Fire prevention
  • Emergency resource management
  • Fire crew management
  • Confined Space techniques
  • High Angle rescue techniques