For many clients operating in high-risk areas, or simply in locations remote from modern medical facilities, the value of having a highly trained and equipped emergency medical team is immeasurable. 

Each year, ROCAM International trains and educates hundreds of personnel in a wide variety of emergency medical programmes ranging from CPR and AED training to much more rigorous courses of study aimed at addressing the needs of professional medical rescuers. 

Our medical instructional model uniquely integrates classical didactic learning with hands on medical training, demonstrations and practical exercises. Drawing on a rich history of subject matter expertise, our medical educators and Special Forces personnel bring a “real world” operational dimension to the classroom; challenging students to solve real medical problems and equipping them to operate competently and professionally under a wide range of conditions.


  • Industrial First Aid
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Tactical Emergency Medicine
  • Advanced Trauma Management
  • Resuscitation Team Training