ROCAM use a stable of proven multi-national Special Forces military, medical and law enforcement instructors who combine current operational experience with proven, time-tested, training systems and instructional methods. Our training packages are continually reviewed, updated, and tailored to client needs, while being benchmarked against Best Management Practices (BMP) and international standards. 

ROCAM International offers a suite of training solutions for 

  • Commercial clients
  • Governments
  • Emergency services
  • Military and law enforcement agencies
Courses in support of Corporations » Courses in Support of Governments »
  • Security Awareness Course. Prepares clients for operations in high-risk environments focusing on personal protection and physical security procedures.
  • Security Manager Training. Equips security managers with the skills necessary to manage programmes and projects in support of client operations in remote environments. 
  • Executive Awareness. This training course enables executives to quickly detect and react to threats in order to maintain their safety in difficult environments. 
  • Counter Kidnap and Ransom Courses. This specialist course teaches risk mitigation strategies, contingency plans and personal preparation required by individuals to prevent kidnap or conduct themselves accordingly if an unforeseen event occurs.
  • Crisis Simulated Incident. Conditions trainees to the effects of a crisis in a controlled environment, responding in an appropriate and safe manner.
  • Close Protection. We will update this shortly. 
  • Driver Training. We will update this shortly.
  • Medical Training. We will update this shortly.
  • Maritime Safety (Small coastal).
  • Surveillance Awareness Training. Teaches students the fundamentals of counter surveillance; enabling the student to detect, identify and evade surveillance being used against them.
  • Guard Force Training. Your guard force is your first-line for security. Link-8 is a ROCAM International company that provides theoretical and practical guard force training, designed around the physical protection of critical assets and infrastructure. This includes implementing building security systems combined with the operation of sensors, technical equipment, and access & entry equipment.
Other Courses in support of Corporations
  • Personal Security Awareness. Whether you are an adventure tourist or businessman visiting or working in a hostile environment, our training prepares you for operations in high-risk environments focusing on personal protection, physical security measures and procedures.
  • Working in Foreign Countries. Targets the needs of personnel who live and work in hostile environments. We can provide skill-based learning courses that prepare you for challenging environments.
  • Hostile Environment Training. Primarily designed for front line media operations in high-risk areas of the world where self-sufficiency is paramount. However, we can modify this to suit your needs regardless of what sector you work in.
  • Counter Terrorist Training. Designed to fulfil the needs of special military and police operation units assigned to counter terrorist roles. 
  • Methods of Entry. Teaches specialist role techniques ranging from non-explosive forcible capability through to advanced use of explosives to gain entry. 
  • Close Protection Training. Meets the needs of special military and police units and Government Agencies assigned to close protection tasks. 
  • Counter Attack Team Training. Teaches key skills and tactics required to become a skilled counter attack team operator in support of a VIP Close Protection Team. 
  • Surveillance. Offers Surveillance awareness, anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance courses and modules at individual and small team levels.

 Course duration: Variable